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How To Make Bed Bugs Come Out Of Hiding

You conduct online research for bed bugs and you’ll see right away these are some of the most diligent insects on the earth. You can uncover a lot of other interesting facts as well. The first thing you will probably learn about these pests will come from various source. Bed bugs are stealthy creatures. They delve deep into cracks and crevices while going out of their way to avoid detection. What some people don’t know is, these critters are also excellent hitchhikers, giving them the ability to hitch rides for long on unsuspecting victims for long distances. When you combine all of these things, it should be easy to understand two things. You should be able to understand why people become infected with bed bugs and how most people don’t even know they have a problem until it’s so big it’s a job for the pros. Either way, it’s always best to call in the pros when dealing with a troublesome and cryptic critter like the bed bug Just because you suspect you are dealing with an infestation, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are. And to make matter worse, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are dealing with a bed bug infestation either. You could be seeing the early warning signs of fleas or even roaches, as they are similar to that of bed bugs. The best way to determine what type of infestation and the severity of it is, by forcing the bug out of hiding.

Can’t Find Bed Bugs? Force Them Out OF Hiding!

Before you start trying to force bed bugs out of hiding, you can check their known hiding locations. Just because none show up, it doesn’t mean you are bug-free. These critters are smart and will try to avoid detection, unlike a lot of other insects. Whatever the situation, it’s always best to have a backup plan or two to help you lure the bugs from the comfort of their hiding spaces.
  1. While there are tons of bed bug lures available to help with detection, it is the interceptors that are the cheapest. These devices are liked specially arced dish devices. They are designed to be installed under the legs of your bed and furniture. When the bugs get in, they get trapped and are unable to escape. There is no additional bait to lure the suspects in and this is one of the reasons the devices are so cheap.
  1. Another option, yet more expensive will be the CO2 detector. This one works similarly to that of the interceptor. The only real major difference is this device utilizes CO2 to lure pests. While there are different variations of this product available, the most common will install under the legs of furniture and the beg, just like the interceptor. The only real difference is, this trap expels CO2 to lure in bugs. Another difference is that this trap sometimes utilizes glue strips as well.
Instead, of having the pets lured to a dish-like device, they’ll be lured to glue strips. You’re probably familiar with similar products and they are work similarly. It the same thing as a glue trap from mice, rats, and rodents.
  1. Another excellent option for luring out pests is the steamer. The real difference between this device and the others is, this one will kill the bugs upon immediate contact. It utilizes high-pressure, high-temperature steam to kill bugs that it immediately comes into contact with. When the steam hits the bugs, it immediately dries out their bodies and sends them into a state of dehydration. It completely sucks the water and moisture out of their bodies. This is an excellent option for killing bugs on furniture, beds, and inside walls. The steam can penetrate beyond surfaces that a lot of other detection methods are unable to reach.
  1. When luring out bed bugs an excellent tactic is to relocate your bed away from the walls. Most people install their beds near walls to help conserve space. While this is a great space-saving technique, it can be a problem when hunting bugs. It creates a more cluttered environment, making more hiding spaces. Moving the bed away from the wall will eliminate these potential hiding spaces. In addition to this, it means bugs will have to crawl up the furniture to access it. They won’t be able to climb up the walls to access the furniture. Virtually, this means that they’ll have to pass through the traps installed under the legs of the beg to access their potential hosts.
  1. One of the last luring options that homeowners have available to them is the heat lure. This one works just like the CO2 detector, but instead of expelling CO2 to lure the bugs, it expels heat to lure the bugs. CO2 and heat are two big attractions for bed bugs and that’s why they make some of the most effective lures.

Other Tools For Luring Bed Bugs Out Of Hiding

Bed bugs are no doubt one of the most cryptic and troublesome pests homeowners will face these days. With quick reproductive systems, quick wits, and a discreet manner, these critters will go out of their way to avoid detection. That being said, you can never utilize too many tools when it comes to bed bug detection and elimination. This is why it is best to utilize as many tools as you can when luring out bed bugs. The same applies to elimination! All that being said, one of the best resources you have available to you is professional pest management. In Akron, OH, there is a slew of pest management professionals standing by just waiting to assist with your bed bug problem. However, that doesn’t mean all these professionals are created equal. Some might take more pride in their work than others. Some might utilize the latest cutting-edge technology and tools, whereas others don’t. Whatever the situation is, you want to make sure you take the time to carefully choose the best pest management firm for your needs.

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