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Cryonite Treatment

Bed bugs and treatment methods are a common topic of discussion these days, especially in Akron, OH. Heck, there is still a lot of talk about the traditional pesticides that have long been revered in the pest industry. There is no denying that these pesticides have proven effective over the years, but there is also no denying that their effectiveness has dwindled.

This is why pest management professionals from all around the world are seeking new, exciting, and innovative ways to deal with these troublesome critters. One that has hit the forefront and is getting a lot of discussion as of late is cryonite treatment. It’s a type of treatment that utilizes CO2 or snow to freeze and kill bed bugs on contact. That’s right, on contact, meaning no residual effects!

How Exactly Does Snow Treatment Work?

As you just learned from above, cryonite treatment expels gas from a canister in a freezing state, extremely similar to that of the distribution of pesticides. If you saw one of our techs administering cryonite treatment, you might think he was using pesticides. Although a similar distribution method, these two treatments are entirely different. 

Pesticides are treatments that come out of the canister as a liquid. Cryonite treatment comes out of the canister as a gas, meaning this type of treatment can safely be applied in areas where liquid cannot be administered. Electrical outlets, behind baseboards, and under wallpaper. These are all places where cryonite treatments can be safely administered. 

All that being said, cryonite treatment is a type of treatment that converts directly from liquid to gas. As soon as it comes out of the canister, it is gas. To make the treatment more optimal, the nozzle is also designed distinctively. It’s designed with a goose-neck that allows techs to angle 90 degrees and more, giving them optimal spraying angles for a variety of situations.

What’s even more impressive about this type of treatment is, it kills critters instantly on contact. Not only does it kill adults, but it kills eggs and larvae as well. When you sit down and think about it, it is easy to understand how this treatment is so effective. 

Other Benefits Of Eco-Friendly Cryonite Treatments

From what you just read above, you can see that there are plenty of advantages to the cryonite treatments. However, if you are looking for more information to splurge on the treatment, here are some considerations:

  • This treatment can be used anytime, anywhere
  • It can be used on a variety of surfaces safely (bakeries, kitchens, or production houses are are viable locations for this type of treatment)
  • There is no residual effect, meaning tenants can immediately move back into the treated location (this makes cryonite suitable for condos, apartments, and hotels)
  • Extremely effective against a variety of crawling critters (bed bugs, beetles, cockroaches, and other crawling insects can be killed effectively with cryonite)
  • Eco-friendly
  • Minimizes production downtime
  • Can be safely used around edibles and food products
  • Kills bug during all stages

Whether you have more questions about our cryonite treatments, want to schedule an in-house consultation, or just have basic questions, we have someone standing by in our Akron, Ohio offices. While we are pretty busy year-round, we are more than willing to accommodate our customers. Give us a call, speak with our in-house representative, and we’ll have someone out to your property in the following 24 to 48 hours. We service the entire state of Ohio and are always looking to expand. With our competing prices and knowledgeable techs, you can’t go wrong with our diverse selection of treatment solutions.

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Cryonite Freezing Treatment