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What Are Spiders?

In Akron, Ohio, spiders are a natural way of life. However, even though many Ohioans come into contact with these critters every day, they understand little to nothing about them. They know enough to know they are poisonous or to be afraid of them, but they don’t understand what needs to be known. They are arthropods with eight legs, six or eight eyes, and fangs and fur. This is enough to scare anyone and this is about the extent of most Ohioan’s spider knowledge.

Spiders can be found throughout the world, with a record of 40,000 different species being reported. Of these 40,000 species though, there are only a select few that can be found in the United States. Out of all these species, all possess the ability to extrude silk from their abdomens. This is how they create webs. These webs can be used to trap critters and other reptiles as large as birds and lizards. Some spiders even eat other spiders.

That being said, most people don’t know that spiders live in their webs as well. One single web can house as many as 50,000 individual species. Another interesting fact is that some spiders only live to be 2 years old while some can live for as long as 25 years in protected areas. The mature females of the species are much larger than their counterparts, but it is the male of the species that have distinctive fangs. These fangs are utilized for injecting victims from venom. Such venom can have different effects on different victims.

Are Spiders Dangerous?

Being a premier pest management provider in Akron, OH, this is something that we get asked a lot. Most people already know that spiders are dangerous. You don’t have to be a pest management professional to understand that spiders are dangerous, but what’s unique is, most aren’t dangerous. Yes, some species can be deadly, but most spiders are not dangerous. Most don’t even pose you a threat. 99 percent of spider bites are for defensive purposes. The spider felt threatened. Some other reported bites are accidental. All in all, most spiders are not dangerous. This is not to say that a bit won’t hurt or it won’t be traumatic, but most bites don’t involve the administration of venom. Things don’t get threatening or dangerous until venom gets involved.

Why Are Spiders In My Home?

Here is something else that is unique and most people don’t understand. You learned earlier that it is the females of the species that are larger than the males while it is the male spider that possesses the fangs. This means that it will be the males that pose the biggest threat. In addition to this, it will be the males that you’ll likely find in the home. That’s right, if you spot a spider in the home, it will likely be male. And, it will be there because it is likely looking for mates. This is something that a lot of homeowners are unaware of. What this simply means is, the spiders in your home don’t pose you or your family a threat.

How To Eliminate Spiders! When To Call In The Pros

If you want to eliminate the chances of a spider in the home, you are first going to have to eliminate the presence of a spider outside the home. Removing rocks, woodpiles, compost piles, and other potential sheltering sites will be the best place to start. Filling cracks and crevices with the right sealants near the foundation of the structure will also help. This along with removing standing water around the foundation will be the very best way to eliminate potential spider infestation.

Keeping your attics, basements, and crawl spaces free of moisture is another great tactic. All this being said, if you spot a spider in the home, there is nothing wrong with calling in a pest management professional. There is likely a reason the spider is in your home and removing the spider might involve coming into contact with the critter. Indeed, most spiders in Akron, Ohio aren’t going to pose a lethal threat, but do you want to take that chance? Turn to the pros!

Do You Offer Safe Treatment?

We take our pest management solutions extremely seriously. We not only offer treatments that are safe for the people involved, but we offer treatments that are safe for the pests involved. In many cases, we try to safely remove spiders so they can be replaced into an environment where they’ll be productive members of society. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. There are some times when we do have to utilize chemicals and pesticides to treat spider infestations. When these are the cases, we make sure we used trained and certified technicians to administer treatment. All our techs are certified and licensed via the EPA and trained with administering and handling such chemicals safely.

When Can You Get Here?

We make it a priority to stay on top of pest management in Akron, Ohio. Whether you are just seeking consultation or need a spider removed from the premises, we can have a tech out there 24 to 48 hours after you make initial contact. That being said, we do have emergency techs standing by when there are emergencies.

Preventing Future Infestations

Spiders might be more dangerous and threatening than other critters, but just like other critters, the best means for dealing with them is prevention. If you can prevent an infestation, you’ll not only save yourself a whole mess of trouble, you’ll save yourself a whole bundle of money. Some of these best ways to prevent spider infestations is by keeping your property clean, the inside and outside. Along with this, you’ll want to eliminate all moisture issues and standing water around the foundation. Give us a call and we’ll help you develop a pest prevention management solution that works for your home or property.

What About Brown Recluse In Akron, Ohio?

There might be over 40,000 known species of spiders, but it is the Brown Recluse species that is well of the most well-known. This is likely because they are so lethal. Most reported incidents with these spiders resulted in the bite victim dying or ending up paralyzed. Such cases have drawn a lot of attention in the state of Ohio. This is why in 2018, we set out to try to uncover whether Brown Recluse spiders are a problem or not in the area. Here is what our team of specially picked entomologists uncovered:

  • Brown Recluse spiders are a real rarity in Akron, Ohio
  • The property and houses that were confirmed infestation were reported recently received packages from parts of the world where Brown Recluse spiders are more common
  • Brown Recluse spiders can only survive in certain environments
  • Brown Recluses were never found outside, meaning those reports of people being bitten while gardening or hiking was false
  • All the confirmed infected homes had pets or small children, but none were harmed
  • Brown Recluse spiders are an extremely timid species
  • These infestations were only in confined areas. The neighboring homes or properties did not report infestations
  • A variety of products can be used to successfully eliminate these spiders when they do invade the property
  • These spiders are commonly mistaken for Funnel Weavers and Grass Spiders
  • There is absolutely nothing wrong with fearing a Brown Recluse, although infestations in Akron, Ohio are extremely rare

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