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Carpenter bees are stinging insects that can grow up to an inch and a half. These pests are less aggressive than other stinging insects, but they can still sting. Male carpenter bees are orange and black, but females are completely black. At the minimum, carpenter bees are half an inch. These stinging insects are often mistaken for bumblebees, but you have to remember that there are differences. You’ll find that carpenter bees have a shiny abdomen, but bumblebees have hairy abdomens.

Reasons For Carpenter Bees

You’re likely curious to find out why carpenter bees have decided to invade your home. Why are carpenter bees on your property? Ultimately, carpenter bees are attracted to unprotected softwoods. If you have unpainted, weathered softwood around your property, carpenter bees will come. They’re attracted to this type of wood. Carpenter bees are not attracted to this wood because they want to eat it. Instead, they want to build nests in it. Once they’ve built nests in the wood, they will use the hole to care for their young. Breeding pairs of carpenter bees can return to the same location for multiple years.

Carpenter Bees & Health Hazards

Are you worried about the health hazards linked to carpenter bees? Ultimately, carpenter bees are not dangerous. These pests aren’t nearly as dangerous as other stinging insects. You’ll also find that the male carpenter bee cannot sting. They do not have stingers so you don’t have to worry about that. However, male carpenter bees are aggressive. They will fly around and protect their nest. Female carpenter bees will sting. However, they’re not as aggressive as other stinging insects. Female carpenter bees are docile and tend to only sting people when they’re threatened. In some cases, a carpenter sting can lead to an allergic reaction.

In this situation, it is pertinent to get medical attention immediately. Another problem is that these pests are going to lure bigger problems. Woodpeckers eat their larvae. Therefore, they will approach your property so they can eat the larvae. Don’t let their presence scare you, but don’t do anything stupid either.

Getting Rid Of Carpenter Bees

Unfortunately, carpenter bees are a tough puzzle to crack. If you are going to tackle the problem effectively, you need to treat all tunnels. If you miss a few, you’re going to deal with another infestation soon. Work with us because we offer comprehensive, cost-effective residential pest control services. We’re confident that we’ll be able to remove the carpenter bees from your property while keeping everyone safe.

Doing It Alone

You may contemplate using DIY techniques to eliminate the infestation. Although this is a possibility, you should realize that DIY methods come with potential issues. For instance, you might use dangerous chemicals. If you use dangerous chemicals, you’re going to expose yourself and your loved ones to risks. You don’t want to do this. Plus, you have to go above and beyond to make sure that you’re using reliable techniques. Some DIY methods are effective, but some are not.

Working with a qualified professional ensures that you’ll get satisfactory results.

Safe Solutions

Our company is thrilled to provide safe, reliable solutions. We aim to use products and techniques that do not pose any risks to you or your loved ones. Our products are safe around people, plants, and pets. Our technicians always use EPA-registered products because we want to protect everyone involved. Plus, we’ve thoroughly trained our technicians to ensure that they’re going to keep you safe. They’ll work diligently and follow precise protocols to guarantee satisfactory results. If any safety precautions need to be taken, we’ll let you know.

Preventing Carpenter Bee Invasions

We need to make sure that the carpenter bees are not going to return to your property. Therefore, you should make sure that your home is properly protected. Start by painting or sealing softwood around your home. Carpenter bees are attracted to unprotected softwood. Therefore, you can avoid problems by protecting the wood or switching to hardwood products. Work with us to find other ways to protect your home.

When Can The Extermination Start?

Contact our Akron office so we can answer your questions. When you’re ready to begin, we can help you schedule an appointment. We’ll contact you back within 24 to 48 hours.

If you have any other pest control issues please check out other services.

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