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Best Mattress Covers For Stopping Bed Bugs

You spent how many countless hours working and paying for your home? After all that, you wouldn’t just purposely leave your front door wide open during the night would you? You wouldn’t invite someone you didn’t know into the home and give them free access to do as they pleased, would you? No, but that is virtually what you are doing if you aren’t utilizing bed bug mattress covers.

A Breakdown Of Bed Bug Mattress Covers

If you are sleeping in your home without utilizing bed bug mattress covers, you might as well just leave your front door wide open and unlocked. You wouldn’t want potential invaders coming into the home, harming your family, and running off with your belongings, would you? Of course, you wouldn’t and while bed bugs will not run off with your belongings, they will harm your family. This is where the utilization of bed bug mattress covers helps out. Just about every bed bug infestation in a home occurs in the bedroom. At least, it will eventually make its way there. And, this is because bed bugs like to live near their hosts, where they can feed on demand. A bed bug mattress will not only help you prevent future infestations, but it’ll protect you and your family from getting bitten and fed on by bed bugs.

What Are Bed Bug Mattress Protectors?

Mattress toppers, bed bug encasements, bed bug mattress covers, or bed bug protectors, you’ll these products referred to by a wide range of name. And while they might come in different styles and designs, they all serve the same distinct purpose. That purpose is to kill bed bugs. Think of a mattress protector as a large, removable sheet of fabric that fits tightly around the mattress. It fully wraps around the mattress and encases it like a Ziploc bag or a suit protector. These devices also come with zipper mechanisms and systems that allow users to fully encase their mattresses. Doing so traps bed bugs inside while also prevents future bed bugs from invading the mattress. A recent study published at the University of Minnesota scientifically proved that bed bugs can only go for two weeks without a blood meal. If they don’t get a meal within this period, they’ll die. That’s the main intention of these mattress protectors.

Choosing A Mattress Cover For Bed Bugs

From the information above, you can likely already see just how important mattress covers are. They not only stop bed bugs from feeding on you, but they prevent future infestations. Regardless, it doesn’t take a professional to see the importance of these devices. Just because they are important, it doesn’t mean that choosing one for your home will be any easier. With all the options available today, this is something that will probably prove more difficult than not.

It Must Fully Encase!

When choosing a bed bug mattress cover the first thing you want to consider is its encasement capabilities. Is the device capable of fully encasing your mattress? If it’s not, you might as well move on to another product because it’s going to be useless. The right encasement for your mattress will fully encase the mattress. Think of a Ziploc bag. If it doesn’t fully cover your mattress, the product is virtually useless.

It Is Must Properly Seal!

Going back to the Ziploc bag theory, an encasement won’t do anyone any good if it doesn’t seal properly. This is the next thing you want to check. As was mentioned earlier, a lot of these products will come with zipper mechanisms. These mechanisms are not here to look pretty or increase the price. They are here so that they fully lock your mattress inside, preventing bed bugs from escaping and new ones from entering. If the encasement doesn’t properly seal, bed bugs could escape, feed on you, and return to the mattress.

It Must Be Field-Tested!

Whatever the circumstances are, you never want to invest in a mattress topper that hasn’t been tested in the field. There are plenty of products that look good on paper or seem good in theory, but when put to the test they fail. There are plenty of mattress toppers that fall in this same category as well. This is why the product must be tested. And, make sure that it is tested by a trained and qualified individual.

It Must Be Free Of Toxins!

Unfortunately, some bed bug toppers are constructed with pesticides. Pesticides have been utilized ever since the development of pest management. Heck, there was a time when pest management was nothing but pesticides. While they have proven effective over the years, certain chemicals and pesticides used in the industry can be extremely dangerous under the wrong circumstances. You have to remember, you are sleeping with this product. This is why it must be chemical-free!

Do Bed Bug Toppers Really Work?

You can speak with professional pest management providers, poll infected residents, and do your research regarding bed bug toppers, and you’ll receive highly varied results. Some people might say these products work while some people will say they don’t. The truth of the matter is, they are effective under the right circumstances. They must be installed correctly and free of flaws. Just the slightest rip or tear in the material and the topper will be useless. Remember, its main function is to trap bed bugs inside and prevent them from escaping. If the product is installed slightly wrong or has minor defects, it will be useless. And, this is why so many people claim they don’t work. With all this in mind, this is why it is best to turn to pest management professionals when it comes to mattress toppers. The right professionals will not only help you chose the best mattress topper for your mattress, but they’ll install them for you as well, making sure they are installed exactly right. Along with all this, mattress toppers are most effective when coupled with other means of pest management. Mattress toppers can only do so much by themselves. You will have to employ other means of pest management if you want to completely rid your property of bed bugs. Luckily, we always have someone standing by. All you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call. We’ll send someone out to assess the property and get the ball rolling. Pest management can be tricky, but we are equipped with the means, tools, and knowledge to handle your pest management needs. Questions, treatment, or concern, whatever you need, we are here for you.

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