Mosquitoes have been plaguing the common man for generations and will, unfortunately, continue to plague him until the end of time. There just isn’t much you can do about this under the right circumstances, but by no means should you be plagued with these beasts in and around your home. Your home is your sanctuary and should provide the relaxing environment you seek. The mosquito is not only a common problem, but it’s an insect that carries and transmits diseases. Amongst the disease the pest transmits, it is encephalitis, malaria, yellow fever, dengue, and West Nile that are the most well-known.

A lot of times what happens is, a mosquito feeds on infected subjects, gets the disease and then passes it on when it feeds on an unsuspecting host. While you will never be able to eliminate your exposure to mosquitoes, there are things you can do to reduce infestations in and around your sanctuary.

The Top Solution

Ever since we’ve been offering pest management services, we’ve been offering mosquito control solutions. Mosquito control isn’t anything new to our highly adept Akron, OH techs. Our years in business have allowed us to develop and build unique and specialize integrated pest management programs suitable for a wide range of situations. And while we understand that no two situations are alike, we have solutions and treatment options available for every situation imaginable.

Here are some of the things our mosquito management programs may include but are not limited to:

  • A determination of potential mosquito breeding spots
  • Structural deficiencies that are allowing mosquito invasion into the property
  • Larvicide application for immature mosquito management
  • Adult mosquito management
  • Possible sheltering, watering, and supplementation for the pests

You might have to battle mosquitoes in nature, but you should never have to feel threatened by them in or around your home. Your home is a place to relax and let loose. We want to help you put your mind at ease. Let us help you put your mind to rest by simply giving our Akron, Ohio offices a call. We always have someone standing by ready to assist when needed.

Our no-obligation inspections will reveal what type of problem you are dealing with along with the severity of it. From there, we can help you devise a specialized management plan for dealing with your mosquito problems. Whether you have more questions, concerns, or want to immediately schedule an in-house consultation, you can give us a call today! Call right now!

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