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If you suspect you are dealing with bed bugs or just discovered that you are living with the pest, you’ve likely been scouring the Internet looking for solutions and answers. And, why not turn to the Internet it’s a wealth of information, right? While the information is an excellent source of information, it can also be filled with a lot of myths and misconceptions.

Whatever the situation, no one can deny the fact that bed bugs are resilient creatures. They’re almost as tough as most Akron residents. This is why we are here to tell you that we have the solutions for you. Along with standard pesticide and chemical treatments, we also offer full thermal heat treatment, which has proven over the years to be one of the most effective and efficient solutions available today.

How Does Our Thermal Heat Treatment Work?

Our heat treatment works by raising the temperature in the home. We aren’t just talking about turning your thermostat up or bringing in infrared heaters to raise the temperature. No, we bring in specialized equipment that raises the temperature to 140 degrees F or even hotter in some areas.

Our heat permeates every crack and crevice in the home, including the places you can’t see, making this treatment option one of the most effective go-to bed bug solutions available today. Depending on the layout of the building and the severity of the infestation, our tech may need to install heaters throughout the entirety of the home.

In some cases, we might just have to set up heaters in specific rooms. Regardless, the process involves raising the temperature to 140 degrees F for 90 minutes. When exposed to these temperatures for this time length, bed bugs will be rendered completely useless and die.

Your Most Effective Treatment Solution

When it comes right down to it, the heat treatment, whether performed by our company or another, is your most effective option. This is because, as was mentioned above, it permeates between all cracks, crevices, gets behind baseboards, and reaches into electrical outlets. And, it does all this without causing potential risks. It would take a bug escaping the home, surviving, returning later, and reproducing in the home. This is the only way the infestation could spread after heat treatment.

This is why we also combine a 30-day follow-up treatment with our heat treatments. 30 days after the initial treatment, we’ll dispatch a tech back out to the home to go back over the property and make sure the infestation has been completely eradicated. If symptoms and signs of an infestation still exist, we’ll come back and redo the heat treatment. In addition to all this, heat treatment kills bugs in all stages. Adults, immature, and eggs. Heat treatment kills in all stages.

Monitoring Heat Treatments

You can see from the information above that heat treatment is effective. You can also see why it is effective. However, heat is the key to the success of the treatment. If the heat isn’t constant the treatment will be rendered useless. It is integral to maintain 140 degrees F in every area of the suspected infestation. If 140 degrees F is not maintained the treatment will be unsuccessful.

This is why our techs not only bring in specialized heaters to raise the temperature in the home or building, but we also bring in specialized thermostats to monitor the heat. If the wavers at any point, it’ll sound off alarms and our techs will be alerted. This will allow us to make all the necessary adjustments to get the heat back to 140 degrees F. Maintaining this temperature for 90 minutes will render all bugs, eggs, and larvae dead.

Evacuation of The Home

Unfortunately, your pets and family will have to evacuate the home during the application of the heat treatment. This is because the temperatures are going to be extremely hot. Prolonged exposure to temperatures at these levels can be extremely dangerous.

In addition to this, you might have to remove any materials, clothes, or furniture from the home that could be damaged by these temperatures. Any materials that are weak to temperatures of these levels will need to be removed from the home during treatment. Considering all the above, it is best to schedule treatment when no one is going to be in the home.

Schedule the treatment for a day you are going to be at work. This will allow our techs to freely roam the property and come and go as needed. That being said, we are always more than willing to work with the residents of Akron. If you need us at the property on the weekend or after hours, we can accommodate.

Why Hire Us!

  • We employ all workers from our local community
  • We offer free professional heat treatment consultation, with a free written quote
  • Our professional pest inspection is provided free of charge
  • Our pest control company is licensed with the State of Ohio
  • We specialize in bed bug, cockroach, termite, mosquito, and spider extermination
  • Our pest control service pricing is fair and competitive with Ohio’s top extermination companies

We believe our professional pest control services play a major role in helping the locals maintain pest-free homes. Whether you are dealing with a minor flea problem or a severe cockroach infestation, we can help. We utilize cutting-edge technology to deliver the most effective heat treatment statewide.

Every member of our Akron extermination team keeps their work van stocked and ready to be dispatched to all the local communities. Call our local office to learn more about our state-of-the-art heat treatment.

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