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Professional Termite Pest Control

Termites are small insects that colonize to weather the storm. No, seriously, termites colonize to protect the species from extinction due to months of harsh winter weather exposure. In addition to winter weather exposure, the termite spends the entire winter season in a dormant state, known as overwintering. Termites enter a deep sleep prior to immediately following the onset of the winter season.

Our exterminators are fully trained in termite pest control. We utilize cutting-edge technology, equipment, and techniques to ensure maximum results in the shortest duration. Please feel free to reach out to our qualified pest experts at your earliest convenience.

Breaking Down The Termite Society

As you have just learned, termites develop their little colonies. Within each colony, there are different members. While some members are more important than others, each specific member has specific tasks that are integral to the development and success of the colony. Understanding each different caste and what role they play will give you an overall better understanding of termites and termite infestations.

Each termite colony has a queen and king, winged and wingless swarmers, workers, and soldiers. Unlike the ant queen, the termite queen mates only with the termite king. The queen ant, on the other hand, mates with male drones to reproduce.

Each member plays a significant role in the survival of the termite colony.

Termite Queen (Responsible For Population Growth)

The termite queen is responsible for reproducing, ensuring each role has enough members to handle its responsibility. One termite queen can lay up to 30,000 eggs daily in a controlled environment. When food and water are plentiful, the queen will continue reproducing throughout her life.

The queen is also the largest termite species, growing up to 4 inches in length. The bigger the queen becomes, the less mobile she becomes. Once she reaches a specific size, she will no longer be mobile, requiring assistance even for the slightest position change. A group of termite workers will assist the queen to relocate from one space to another. The task requires significant termite power, which only the workers possess.

Termite King (Mates With The Queen)

The termite king has a significant role in the population growth of the colony. In order for the colony to flourish, the population must continue to grow. The king is also responsible for overseeing the daily operations required to keep the colony running efficiently.

The king is a dominant force in the termite colony. Workers, winged and wingless swarmers, and soldiers respect the king. With this said, the queen is still the most dominant member of the termite colony.

Termite Worker (Erects Tunneling Systems And Nests)

Termite workers are translucent in color, growing up to 10 millimeters long. Exterminators describe the worker termite size as being similar to a cooked rice granule. Workers have a long list of job duties – erecting tunneling networks, building nests, and foraging for food.

The worker is one of the hardest working termite species. Without workers, the colony’s tunneling network would go stagnant. As the queen continues to reproduce, the tunneling system would become overcrowded, resulting in food and other essential shortages.

Soldier Termite (Fights Off Enemy Termites And Predatory Animals And Insects)

Termite soldiers have non-stop jobs, as they are responsible for protecting the queen, the king, and the young from potential danger related to enemy termite colonies. Soldiers also stave off predatory insects, such as spiders, and animals, such as anteaters. Without soldiers, the termite colony would be vulnerable to the elements and predators.

The termite soldier is similar to the termite worker, with a translucent coloration. Soldiers have their guard up at all times. The slightest abnormality will erupt into a soldier’s battle with a responsible predator(s).

A Quick Overview:

It is the Subterranean termite from the Rhinotermitidae family most commonly found in Cincinnati. They are also the most commonly found in North America. These colonies are organized into different castes. And, depending on the caste, each member of the colony will be assigned specific tasks. The characteristics of these termites will depend on the insect’s specific role within the colony. Workers are anywhere from 1/8 inch to 3/8 inch. The soldier termites are similar in size but possess powerful mandibles that allow them to defend the colony. They also have large brown heads that’ll make them a standout amongst the pack. The reproductive members are about ½ inch long.

The Habits: The Subterranean termites burrow into underground colonies, but are not limited to these areas. Some will also take up residence in moist and secluded areas above ground. These creatures are commonly known for building mud tubes that give them access to food sources while also allowing them to protect themselves from the open air. Just like other termites, this species feeds on cellulose. They swarm in the spring when the reproductive member ventures off to start new colonies.

The Threats: It does not take an exterminator to know that termites are the most destructive insect known to man. They possess hard, saw-toothed jaws that work like shears. Their jaws allow them to bite off extremely small fragments of wood, one piece at a time. These may be small fragments they are chewing off, but this repetitive action can lead to severe property damage.

Termite Colony Facts You Should Know

  • You can entirely rid a structure termite-free with the right tools, tips, and techniques.
  • There are over 2,000 different species of termites known to man. Most of these species live in tropical and subtropical parts of the world.
  • Only 40 species of the 2,000 can be located in the United States
  • Subterranean termites exist everywhere in the United States, except for Alaska
  • Subterranean termites are responsible for 90 percent of termite damage.
  • Termites have been known to eat through concrete, but they usually choose to maneuver through the material thanks to their soft bodies.
  • If you add all the termites in the world together, it would be greater than the total weight of all humans combined.
  • It is only the worker termite that is responsible for chewing and digesting cellulose. They regurgitate it to the other members of the colony.
  • A queen lives for over 20 years and lays thousands of eggs in a single day.

Proper Prevention Of Termites

The best way to deal with any insect similar to the termite is by preventing infestation before it becomes a problem. Unfortunately, this is much more difficult than one might think. Yes, a lot of this has to do with the complex nature of these insects, but with our extensive knowledge, tried and proven methods, and cutting-edge technology, we can help you prevent future infestation. Here’s where you start:

  1. Start by diverting any water away from the home’s foundation. Termites need water to survive. You cut this off, and you are eliminating one of their essential factors of living. Leaking faucets, dripping water pipes, or condensation from the ductwork. These are all things that’ll need rectifying immediately.
  2. Next, tackle hand humidity issues. Crawl spaces, attics, and basements are notorious for these conditions and will likely require proper ventilation.

We also suggest the removal of decaying wood and wood structures from your property. Termites are drawn to rotting tree stumps, downed trees and branches, piles of yard debris and firewood, decks, porches, fences, and mailboxes.

Does Termite Pest Control Contain Toxins?

Conventional termite pesticides and insecticides do contain chemicals that may be toxic to humans, animals, and the environment. When these products get into the hands of inexperienced consumers who are unaware of the dangers, everyone and everything is at risk of exposure. We highly recommend reaching out to our pest control experts to learn more about our termite management.

We hire the top exterminators in the national pest control industry. Our exterminators are certified to legally handle chemical pesticides. Our annual pesticide safety courses ensure every member of our local extermination team is up to date on the latest extermination technology, safety gear, and equipment.

We offer free residential and commercial termite inspection and consultation via appointment only.

Why Hire Us!

  • We are a locally owned and operated pest control company
  • We offer free termite inspection and consultation services
  • We have years of experience in termite extermination
  • Our pricing is fair and competitive with the nation’s top exterminators

We highly recommend immediate action upon the detection of a termite colony on your property. Termites are highly known for the devastating damage they leave behind for property owners to pick up the pieces.

If you have any other pest control issues please check out other services.

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