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What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs known as Cimex lectularius or ectoparasites are critters that solely feed on warm-blooded creatures. They were given their name for their propensity to hide in mattresses and box springs. They want to be near as possible to their host so they can feed when the host is sleeping. Since bed bug’s hosts are humans and most humans sleep at night in beds, it only makes sense that these critters would take up residence in the mattress. Other quick things to note about these creatures are that they are broadly oval with boy lengths of about 3/16 inches in length.

What Do People Have Bed Bugs?

There are a lot of things currently known about bed bugs. And, people are still uncovering unique things about these critters every day. All in all, bed bugs are an interesting bunch. That being said, one of the things that were recently uncovered about bed bugs is, they are excellent hitchhikers. They can latch onto luggage, clothing, shoes, and ride for miles and miles. This is how most people end up bringing bed bugs home with them after spending time overseas or in an infested hotel.

A lot of today’s outbreaks have been traced back to domestic and international travel. As you can imagine, this is a particular problem for hotels, hostels, motels, and apartments. Any place where the turnover of occupants is steady or high. Another common reason that people find themselves facing bed bug infestation today is second-hand or used furniture. People inadvertently bring the bugs into the home via used furniture. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people that get exposed due to infected neighbors. This can be a real problem for people that live in adjoining co-ops, condos, or apartments.

Are Bed Bugs Dangerous?

While bed bug infestations are becoming increasingly more and more common, there is nothing to physically fear from the bugs. Sure, their bites can be itchy and irritating, but some people don’t even react to the bites. In addition to this, they do not carry or transmit any known diseases. However, they can be a mental drain. Some people even become so enamored with the thought of bed bug infestations that they find themselves unable to move back into the infected rooms or home. Some people end up losing days of sleep from worrying about being bitten or attacked by the bugs while they sleep. You can likely see how this would be troubling.

How To Properly And Effectively Eliminate Bed Bugs

The good thing about all this bed bug information being uncovered is, professionals from all around the world are also coming up with more innovative and unique ways to eliminate bed bugs. There are also plenty of tried, tested, and proven methods. However, when you combine their elusive nature with their resiliency and quick-wittiness, you’ll quickly conclude that bed bugs are hard to eradicate. Their small size and common hue make them one of the most overlooked critters as well. This is why our Akron offices offer a wide range of detection and elimination methods when it comes to bed bug management. Here is more need-to-know information about our bed bug pest management treatment options.

Conventional Treatments:

  • Conventional treatments are tried and tested. We’ve successfully used these types of treatments in a variety of settings over the years
  • Unfortunately, these solutions usually require more than one visit
  • The property owner will have to extensively prepare the property. Some items along with occupants and pets will have to be evacuated from the home
  • It takes a trained and certified professional to buy these chemicals and use them

Heat Treatments:

  • These treatments are best in cluttered areas where the clutter cannot easily be removed
  • There is little the occupants and property owners will have to do to prepare for treatment. Some heat-sensitive items along with the occupants will need to be removed during treatment
  • The type of treatment is entirely chemical-free, making it eco-friendly
  • Heat treatments raise the temperature in the home to 140 degrees F for 90 minutes
  • Heat permeates in cracks, crevices, behind objects, and into walls

Fumigation Services:

  • Fumigation treatments involve heavy use of chemicals
  • These treatments are best suited for large buildings and structures (apartments, condos, multi-purpose buildings)
  • Specific items might need to be removed from the homeowner
  • Occupants will have to evacuate the premises for 2 to 3 days

Can I Treat Bed Bugs Myself?

Given the time, price, and consumption of bed bug treatment, this is a question that a lot of people ask these days. While there are tons of treatment options and solutions available online, there are several things you must remember. First, pesticides used to kill bed bugs can only legally be purchased by certified individuals. In addition to this, they can only legally be utilized by trained and certified techs. Anyone doing so with these chemicals is doing so illegally. This is why a lot of the chemicals or pesticides sold online for bed bug elimination aren’t as effective. They don’t contain the needed properties.

While our Akron, Ohio offices always try to employ eco-friendly options when and where we can, there are times when chemicals and pesticides are the only solutions. During those situations, we use techs that are highly trained and certified by the EPA to safely and legally handle such chemicals.

How Much Is Treatment?

Unfortunately, it can be hard to give you a quote for pest management over the Internet, as each situation is unique. Some situations require different measures, some treatments take multiple days and multiple courses of action, while the severity of each infestation can vary as well. Whatever the situation, you can always rest assured you’ll get honest, fair, and upfront pricing from our offices. We can dispatch out a tech to evaluate your property and give you an in-home assessment.

How To Prevent Bed Bugs

We honestly believe that we are miles ahead of other Akron, Ohio pest management professionals. And, this is because we don’t just focus on successfully eliminating bed bugs, but we focus on prevention as well. After treatment, we sit down with each client and help them devise ways to how they can keep and maintain a pest-free environment.

When Will Your Techs Get Here?

Akron, Ohio is pretty busy all year round when it comes to pest management. Spring, summer, fall, or winter, our offices are likely to be backed up. However, that doesn’t mean that we aren’t willing to accommodate our customers. We know pests can be a major problem and hassle. This is why we always make it a priority to get someone out to your property at least 24 to 48 hours after you make that initial contact with our offices.

Why Hire Us!

  • Our pest control company is listed with the State of Ohio
  • We are conveniently located in the heart of Akron
  • Our exterminators are certified in bed bug treatment
  • We hire locally
  • Our pricing is fair and competitive with Ohio’s top extermination companies
  • We offer free bed bugs inspection, consultation, and written quotes

To learn more about our professional bed bug treatment, contact our Akron extermination team.

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