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Landmarks You Want To Visit First In Akron, OH

When you sit down and consider everything the city and state have to offer, it is easy to understand why more and more are choosing to spend their free time in Akron, OH. When most people think about dream vacations, they don’t think about Ohio, let alone Akron. Well, to dismiss the city and state would be a huge mistake, as it holds everything that a family could want. A bustling nightlife, a business district that’ll keep you on your toes, towering buildings, art, history, and whatever else you could want, it’s here in Akron. The real problem is finding it!

Howe House

Did you know that most local churches built in Akron between 1870 and 1917 followed a similar floor plan? This floor plan was probably also widely used in other areas, but whatever the situation, it only makes sense that Hower House is still widely used for funerals and weddings today. This 28-room Victorian home was designed by Jacob Snyder, the founding architect of the floor plan mentioned above. The house was home to industrialist, John Henry Hower and his wife, Susan Youngker Hower.

The Akron Civic Center

Who doesn’t love relaxing and taking in a good play or performance after a long day of exploring? It’s even all that much better when you can do it in a 1920’s environment. That’s exactly what you get when you step foot in the Akron Civic Center. It is one of the only sixteen remaining atmospheric theaters still in existence today. It was designed by John Eberson and is the perfect place to partake in a great performance in an outdoor setting. Think of it like the 1920’s drive-in theaters.

Perkins Stone Mansion And John Brown House

If you want the epitome of Greek Revival architecture, you won’t find anything more fitting in Akron than the Perkins Stone Mansion and John Brown House. What was once the finest example of this style of architecture is now a studied and revered historical house museum where the objects and rooms bring to life over three generations of the Perkins family that lived here. The Perkins Stone Mansion was completed back in 1837 by Colonel Simon Perkins who was best known for being the son of Akron’s founder, General Simon Perkins. That’s right, the son of the founding father of Akron lived in this home. And, three generations of his family were born and raised here as well. If this doesn’t spell historical significance, there isn’t much that does.

Goodyear Airdock

How many times have you heard Akron referred to as the rubber capital of the world? If never, you will learn all about that saying and the importance behind it when you visit the Goodyear Airdock. Unfortunately, the company is no longer in operations in the area, but the impact it had on the city remains. It can be felt when you visit this important site. The building was designed by Karl Arnstein, who happened to be a local, and was one of the first buildings in the world to be erected without interior supports. Brings new meaning to the phrase lighter than air.