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Why Akron, OH Makes The Dream Vacation Destination

When most people think about packing up and hitting the road to their dream vacation destination, they don’t think about traveling to Ohio, let alone Akron. Well, you might be more than surprised to learn what the city has to offer. A bustling nightlife, an ever-evolving business district, and a history that is so rich, you can see it on the walls. And, this is just the start! There is so much much hidden in the city with its remarkable hidden gems and hole-in-the-walls. Maybe you are seeking the more well-known destinations that draw the biggest crowds. That’s okay too because Akron offers a wide range of travel destinations to suit the entire family’s desires.

The Adena Mansion And Gardens

Did you know that Ohio once had a different capital? That’s right, Columbus wasn’t always the capital. The first one was Chillicothe and that’s where the Adena Mansion and Gardens are located. The sprawling 2,000-acre estate was once home to the sixth governor of the state, Thomas Worthington. What’s even more interesting is, he was also the first United States senator. When you think about it, it only makes sense that so many individuals refer to Thomas Worthington as the father of Ohio. He brings a historical significance to the area that cannot be matched and you relive it all here at his once home and gardens.

The Birthplace Of Thomas A. Edison

Speaking of great men, there isn’t many that match wits and intensity with Thomas Edison. This is the father of light and one of the original singers of the Declaration of Independence. You can see where it all started when you choose to check out his birthplace. Built back in 1842 by Samuel O. Edison, this small historic brick house sits on a hill in Milan and holds more historical importance than most cities.

The Ohio Statehouse

Going back to the capitals, this Ohio Statehouse has become to be known as the rotunda. This beautiful, distinct building was finished in 1847 and regularly hosts tours organized by the Ohio Statehouse Museum Education Center. The tours are free, guided, and scheduled for a wide range of days and hours.

The Huntington Tower

Want to hit upon of Akron’s more well-known tourist destinations? If that’s the case, you’ll certainly want to check out the Huntington Tower. Just remember to schedule appropriately or get here early because it will be packed. Built in 1933, this building stands at a towering 330 feet and is designed in the Art Deco style. The most impressive thing about the building is, it was constructed on top of the Hamilton Building. The Huntington Tower is home to a television broadcast tower with an antenna that ascends 442 feet. This is an antenna that is just as long as the building itself. Truly magnificent!

The Indian Signal Tree

If you want something that offers historical significance, you will not find a more fitting landmark than the Indian Signal Tree. Most people forget that the Indians were the first here in this great country, but that’s exactly what the Indian Signal Tree reminds people of.