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Sherbondy Hill

Sherbondy Hill was a real place and not just an imaginary invention of our storyteller ancestors. It was a part of Akron, Ohio. Sherbondy was among the very first ten families that settled Akron and they made their mark on Akron history. John and George Sherbondy were early trustees of Portage Township: John was also Assessor and George was the Director of the Infirmary. Their brother Peter and sister Rosannah also settled there. Sherbondy’s descendants were inventors of a pneumatic tire and cofounders of the Diamond Rubber Company. In the early days of cars, Sherbondy Hill was famous locally. My uncle Bill Sherbondy wrote in a letter about when he drove to Akron in search of Sherbondy Hill. He stopped at a gas station to ask where it was and the attendant told him he was on it! He related that people used to test their skills driving up to it. Dawne Crotts told me that the house on Sherbondy Hill was at the top of the hill. It was given to the city by the Sherbondys to be a school. Ex-Sheriff Samuel A. Lane writing about the early school in Akron stated that there were several separate school districts including “the Sherbondy neighborhood.” The school was also used as a church later. The Sherbondy Hill Church of Christ was organized on 1 February 1891 and as of July 1891, there were 21 members and 100 Sunday School scholars, under the leadership of Rev. Wellington Besaw. Bed Bug Exterminator Akron

Rich in history and community pride, Sherbondy Hill is an area poised for resurgence. Originally known as Sherbondy Hill, the name transitioned to Lane-Wooster before regaining its title in 2017. Its plenteous resources include City Parks, Perkins Woods pool, Miller South School, Akron Zoo, Odom Branch Library, Helen Arnold CLC, Akron Urban League, and is close to Cleveland Clinic Akron General, making it an ideal location to live, work, and open a business.

This historic district is particularly primed for renewal and investment. The neighborhood business district, which was a thriving hub of the community throughout the first half of the 20th century until the mid to late ’60s, now looks to regain its former glory and attract new businesses and residents.

Restaurants and Pubs

  • Nicole’s Restaurant is located at 1477 S Hawkins Ave, Akron, OH
  • Bob’s Hamburg is located at 1351 East Ave, Akron, OH
  • Ann’s Restaurant is located at 1604 S Hawkins Ave, Akron, OH
  • Barley House is located at 222 S Main St #1B, Akron, OH
  • The Spotted Owl is located at 60 S Maple St, Akron, OH


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